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6 Online Marketing Business Myths That Need To Be Busted

“6 Online Marketing Business Myths That Need To Be Busted” written by Bren Koger.

There is a lot to learn in online marketing and things change pretty quickly. In the world of social media and blogging, it’s hard to know who to listen to and it seems like some of the same information gets posted and regurgitated over and over again.

Shedding a light on “common knowledge”  is a great way to break through to the next level.

Here are my 6 online marketing myths busted.

I’m not in it for the money

I understand  the philosophy that when you do what you love and provide a service to people the money will follow. I believe this to be true, but you ARE running a business and if you’re not in a business to generate money then I would consider starting a charitable foundation instead.

Imperfect action is better than no action.

I actually believe this to be true, but only to a certain point. If your website and blog look unprofessional and you are using the excuse that I’m just taking imperfect action- you are missing an opportunity to catch people’s attention.

People do judge a book by it’s cover online.

I actually had someone tell me recently “I would be interested in their services but I cant get past their outdated website”

Invest In a professional looking design for your website and banners. Invest in editing software like Grammarly to check spelling and grammar. It’s well worth it.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

I agree with this too, but only to a point. In your online business, you should never be the smartest person on the hangout. Surrounding yourself with people who can teach you what they know is a way to add rocket fuel to your business.

Spend 30 minutes a day on mindset.

I believe this to be true, but if you’re only listening to motivational audios and not learning about your business and marketing, you will not get to the next level. Spend just as much time learning about your industry and your business so that people see you as an expert in your niche.

I need to get everyone and everybody to my website

High traffic doesn’t always convert to higher sales. Even if you have hundreds of visitors per day to your site, you aren’t necessarily going to make any money from them. Get very specific on the type of audience you want to attract and focusing on getting them to your site. This will turn into more sales.

I need to be under a successful leader

I get this; especially since we have been “homeless” several times in our MLM company, but there is not one way to make money and what works for one person may not work for you.

Create a plan that is unique to your market and keep tweaking it until it works. Learn from several different styles and come up with your own business plan.

This is a great list of tips for success in online marketing and also a way to look even deeper into some common ways of thinking.

Never stop question the status quo.


The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.
Albert Einstein


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6 Online Marketing Business Myths That Need To Be Busted - Bren Koger

Bren Koger

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Article: 6 Online Marketing Business Myths That Need To Be Busted

IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking “Is IPAS 2 a Scam?”

IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking “Is IPAS 2 a Scam?”

A lot of people have no clue how to build their own online business effectively.  Often they are taught enough to go through the motions, but often the gurus hold back the essential information needed to make money.

I am going to show you what 95% of people are presently doing WRONG inside of their online business as well as explain to you ‘exactly’ what IPAS 2 is and how it can help you with your business.

Before we really dive into the full review, let’s answer the question that you are probably thinking…

Is IPAS 2 a Scam?

Answer: NO!

IPAS 2 is definitely not a scam!

In fact, it’s actually FREE! (for now) So how can something that’s completely free be a scam? that just wouldn’t make any sense and I shouldn’t of even had that question in my title to begin with. (my apologies)

But currently there is a HUGE buzz surrounding this IPAS2 system, mainly it’s because the system claims to have these incredible features and benefits such as…

  1. Traffic Masters That Drive Traffic – FOR YOU
  2. Sales Agents That Close Sales – FOR YOU
  3. Business Assistants That Will Coach Your New Members – FOR YOU

At this point you are probably thinking:

  • Is this true?
  • Do you actually get your own Personal Business Coaches that will Tell, Sell and Coach your new customers?
  • What’s the catch?

These are a few of many questions that I’ll be answering for you within this IPAS2 review.

I am also going to show you what 95%+ of people online are doing wrong within their online business… and odds are that you’re one of them.

So first things first, let me tell you exactly what IPAS 2 was created to do.

IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking "Is IPAS 2 a Scam?"What Is IPAS 2?

IPAS stands for ‘Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems’ and it’s actually a SYSTEM and FORMULA that teaches people how to make money online.

IPAS 2 is actually a product that both supplies the right education that shows, and helps supplies, people what needs to be in place, in order for them to have a successful online business.

Unfortunately, most people are lead to believe (because of the all the hype out there) that they only need to do a few simple things to make an income online.

But the fact of the matter is this you can NOT make tens of thousands of dollars online as a complete novice with only a few weeks effort. Yet, there are tens of thousands of people online who join a business opportunity only to give up after a couple of weeks, or sometimes even days.  They then get hyped up into another program and the same thing happens – they don’t do much work, if any, and then they quit due to no results.

IPAS 2 is lays it all out for you… you’re finally going to know ‘exactly’ what needs to be in place for you to make an income from an online business.

Next, let me explain to you what you’re probably doing wrong with your online business right now.

What Most People are Presently Doing Wrong in Their Online Business

If you already have a product or service to sell online, you are probably familiar with the standard procedure that everyone is presently doing…

The first step is to get TRAFFIC…

Step 1. Get Traffic

No matter what business opportunity you join, you will be given a link you to promote.  That means you need to get traffic that to that offer and convert leads into sales or you will not make money.

So the first step is to get traffic to see what you are promoting. You can do that by either doing free methods such as blogging, video marketing, pod casting, social media, etc., or by paid advertising.

Step 2. Generate Leads and Build a List

A lot of new online businesses fail at this step… that is to build a list.  List building is probably the most important aspect of  an online marketing business.  A list is your most important asset in your business.  A lot of people will create a blog or show people the link they are trying to promote, but if they are not using a capture page (also referred to as a landing page, squeeze page or opt-in page) to get at least emails from their leads then they are falling short.  Don’t fall into that trap.  If your offer does not have a capture page then you need to create one.

The reason of why we don’t send our traffic straight to our offer is because hardly anyone will buy our product, service or join our business opportunity straight off the bat.

There will be a very low percentage of people who will buy on their first exposure to an opportunity. That’s why we want to capture their information so that we can follow up with them by sending them more information about our product(s), service(s) or business opportunity(s).  We use an “email auto-responder” to both help store our list of lead information and send them our emails on autopilot.

Step 3. Make Sales

Ok, so now you have capture a list of emails and you are emailing them regularly using an auto-responder to present your main offer.  Now here is something to consider… it is known in the industry that most people will buy your product on the 7th exposure to whatever it is you’re offering.  This means that you will make the majority of your sales on any of your first seven emails sent to your leads.

Now this is where people also go wrong: they don’t make the sale on the 8th email… what do they do?

… they continue to send their initial offer by constantly blasting emails to their leads.

IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking "Is IPAS 2 a Scam?"This is the wrong way to make money online.  If someone doesn’t buy your offer within the first seven emails then it’s quite clear that they are not likely to ever buy that product, service, or join that business opportunity.

So by continuing to blast them with more emails to the same offer, the only thing that you’re doing is basically just annoying them. They will see you as a spammer and they will now never open your emails again. You have completely ruined the relationship and trust with that lead.

Another thing that over 95% of people online are doing wrong is… They send their leads to their main offer straight off the bat. This is yet another HUGE MISTAKE.

You should NOT send emails to your leads that go to your main offer straight off the bat. What we do inside of IPAS 2 is we implement what’s called a ‘Tripwire.

We first send them with a very ‘low priced’ offer first. Usually something that only costs around $7 and has great value for the price.

IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking "Is IPAS 2 a Scam?"The reasons we do this is because:

  • It gets your prospects foot in the door
  • Such a low priced offer means more customers
  • It gets your prospect into the buying mood

Most people are nervous/skeptical about making their first online business investment… I know Bren and I were. We were worried I was being scammed.  But after we made our first purchase and we realized the value of that purchase, we became more comfortable about future online business investments.

That is why IPAS 2 introduces the tripwire.  The tripwire is a cheap, risk free investment that will get the prospect’s foot in the door and into the “buying mood”.  It has been proven that using a tripwire will triple the number of people buying your main offer.

Now, If your leads do NOT buy your trip-wire offer after the 8th email then there is no point in continuing to send them emails to the same offer. After the 8th email we know that they are not interested in that particular offer, so we now send them emails to another trip-wire offer that’s a bit different from the first, perhaps we drop the price down or perhaps we send them something that’s free and of VALUE to gain some trust.

If your leads buy the trip-wire then there is a MUCH higher chance of them buying your next offer than if you had no trip-wire.

This is actually a proven fact. With a tripe-wire in place you will get way more sales on your next offer or on your main offer

So if you implemented a trip-wire offer before your main offer then you will see some HUGE profits inside your business.

For more information about IPAS 2 click here.

Work With Us

People look to either Bren or myself to help coach them in how to start a business online.  Our expertise often gives people the comfort to get started and keep going. Not only do we share our expertise in building an online business, but we also help you find the power within yourself.  The end result is that you will grow and  take steps towards your prosperous future.

Contact us to help you start your path towards financial freedom. You can follow us by registering in the upper right hand side of our webpage. Not only will you get a free audio about 20 sources to get leads for your business, but we also give regular tips ideas, and motivation to help you find inspiration to start and continually grow your online business.

If you are ready to start today, then sign up here:

IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking "Is This IPAS 2 a Scam?" - IPAS2 - Mike MarkoOnce you have signed up, we can get you started with iPAS 2 which will help you automate your business.  One of the appeals to having an online business is that it can generate passive income, and iPAS 2 helps you achieve that.

If you still have questions about iPAS 2, check out our iPAS 2 FAQ by clicking here.


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IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking "Is This IPAS 2 a Scam?" - IPAS2 - Mike Marko

Author: Mike Marko
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Article: IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking “Is IPAS 2 a Scam?”

Empower Network – Don’t Join Empower Network iPAS2 Just Yet…

Empower Network – Don’t Join Empower Network iPAS2 Just Yet…

If you have had any interest at all in how to make money online, you may done some research and heard of Empower Network or iPAS2.  This is my personal review, but before I get into it I want to share a quick story with you.  We go back to 2011 when Bren is introduced to marketing online with pod casting by a friend.  We are interested but due to our business life at the time we couldn’t find the time to get started.  I was skeptical… I had no experience at all with online marketing so naturally I was leery about having to learn something completely new.  So I procrastinated.

Over a year later he introduced us to Empower Network.  Bren and I spent several months trying to decide to join.  During this time we were still very busy, and we were living temporary in New York City.

I started listening to Tony Robbins around that time, and I knew I had to change things.  I realized I wanted to ramp up my income and my real estate wasn’t building up fast enough to meet my financial goals.  We took another hard look at Empower Network and decided to jump in.  We have never looked back.

The Empower Network Products

I believe that eduction is very important.  I got my bachelors and masters  in engineering.  But back then I was living in Canada (I am Canadian) and the cost of education was a lot cheaper than now.  Now living in the United States the cost of education is $40,000 in addition to the 4+ years of education.  When you look at the total tuition for the Empower Network Products it is less than  $6,500 (so a 84% discount from going to college and it will not take you 4 years to learn everything)…

Empower Network Basic level – $25/monthly

Empower-Network-Viral-Blogging-System - Mike-MarkoWhat you get in this level is your own, already setup, ready to go Blog and webpage.  It is coded with your Empower Network affiliate link banners already so all you need to do is add content daily, share it with others & get paid!  It’s really that simple…

Blogging like putting up flyers around town, except these flyers stay up forever!  No one can take them down and you pretty much own that part of the internet real estate every time you post a blog.

This is by far the best long term strategy that exists today.  Think about it; what is the internet made of?  Why do people go to the internet?  Information!!!  They visit the world wide web to see content that will answer their questions.  The whole internet is based on this.  With Empower Network you can tap into this and build a legacy around it.

The genius part about allowing everyone to have their own Empower Network Blog is the authority it has.  This blog will out perform any normal blog out there because there are so many people posting to it daily.  The Alexa rank for the main website just after 45 days is under 2,000 in the entire world.  This allows you to start blogging with authority right from the get go!

This is easily worth $25 per month!!! It’s actually worth a lot more then that…

Viral Blogging Academy – $297 one time payment

Learn how to blog like a professional.  Learn how to target your audience and make money right away from the gurus.  You will learn how to put together an action plan to build up your online business and get results fast.

This training is easily worth the $297 because you will learn what you need to do to get the results of blogs that have been around for years.

Empower Network Inner Circle – $100/monthly

This is where the education really starts!  We have some of the best of the best marketers that have been in this industry for years!  Some of them for over 20 years, and other 5 or under.  Either way they are marketing Ninjas!

Think about this for a second.  If you want to learn how to market a business on the internet, would you rather take a college course about Marketing that will cost you $400-$600 for 1 semester (about 3 months) from a guy that makes $50,000 per year or less?  Or would you want to learn about marketing from someone who does it daily and earns $50,000 per month?!  Some of these rock star marketers have earned close to $100k in 1 single month…  I know that sounds pretty outrageous but it’s true.  The best part is it’s not going to cost you $400-$600 for a semester.  It’s a measly $100 per month.  Crazy I know…

Empower Network Costa Rica Product – $500 one time payment

A few years ago David Wood was at the “No Excuses II” live event in Las Vegas. David Wood blew everyone’s mind when he presented.  He had the whole audience wanting to hear more of what he had to offer.  After the event was over about 100 people showed up in David’s Breakout Room.  He talked about the way he builds his business, how he funnels his leads through a process, telling stories of how he lived in a van and now earns 30k per month living in Costa Rica…

Right at the end he told everyone he was holding a LIVE event in Costa Rica where he is going to walk people through exactly how to create their own funnels and create a business model the way he has set it up for himself.  He sold this for $2995 and sold all 25 spots!  That’s over $70k in 1 hour… CRAZY!

Well the good news was that he recorded the training he did for those 25 people in Costa Rica, and is now offering it to you for $500!  On top of that you have the ability to earn 100% commissions on it!

15k Per Month Formula – $1,000 one time payment

You ever want to know exactly how you can earn 15k per month within the next 60-90 days?  Well that is exactly what the 15k Formula training series is all about!

This is the most in depth marketing knowledge from Social Media strategies, blogging, advanced SEO, paid marketing, magazine ads, solo ads, Facebook PPC (pay per click), Leadership training & a bonus training on exactly what it takes to earn $1,000 per day doing 1 simple task!

The trainers in this product earn 6 & 7 figures per year in this industry and by far the best of the best trainers from people like Rob Fore, Jon Mroz, Chuck Marshal, Chris Campbell, Tracy Walker, David Sharp, Aaron Rashkin and a few more!

Bottom line is you get to learn from the top people in the industry and earn $1k commissions over and over!

High Ticket Academy – $497 one time payment

This is your ticket… Learn how to sell high ticket products online.  To get an idea, this is products that sell for $5k, $10k, and even $20k… can you imagine what you could do with the commissions from just one sale?  Now imagine doing it regularly.

It is no more difficult to sell something that is worth $10k than something worth $100.  That is what this course teaches.  Don’t get this course unless you are ready to start having tons of commissions.

Empower Network Masters Course – $3,500 one time payment

This is an amazing course.  If you are at $5,000 a month right now you will learn how to break past the 10k mark.  If you are at 20k now you will learn how to break past the $30-50k mark.  All the way up to $250,000 per month!

A brand newbie to the advanced leader can benefit from this course!  I highly recommend it…

You can’t beat getting $3,000 commissions either right?

That leads me to how Empower Network pays us:

Empower Network Compensation Plan

First of all, to be qualified to earn inside of Empower Network there is a non conscionable $20 per month affiliate fee!  That allows you to earn 100% commissions from most of the products above!

Having done a lot of research, the Empower Network compensation plan is the best there is.  Some are great, some are good, but none paid out 100% commissions on products that were actually GOOD!

Yes I have seen some 100% commission programs but they absolutely sucked as a product, and it was usually a 1 time 100% commission and that’s it.  No leverage or residual income at all…  Where is the fun in building something like that?  You have to make sales consistently otherwise you don’t make any money!

Based on what I have described, do you think the Empower Network products are worth the money you spend?  I sure do!

The fact they pay 100% commission is just icing on the cake!

I also want to point out that since they pay you 100% commissions, you are getting paid as if you owned, created, did support, hosted & managed the product but you DON’T!  They do that for you and you get paid as if you did all that!

This gives the average person the ability to get paid as if they created the product but not have to worry about it!  I love that!!  I actually heard someone who created his own product that he wished he never bothered  because he would have made better money just selling Empower Network products!

They also have a built in leverage plan so you can still earn on your downline.  Your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th person are passed up to your sponsor…  What this allows to happen is you can tell your team what you are doing, teach them your secrets because there is leverage in the comp plan.  You are not training your competition like other 100% commission programs out there.  You can build a long term team and generate 100% residual income pass-ups for the rest of time on each and every one of your referrals…  I love that!

Empower Network Owners

David Wood and David Sharp are industry phenomenons.  I love how they are always creating systems, teaching people what they know, never holding back and telling you how it really is!

So why would they offer 100% commissions?

The reason David Wood gives is “because they are not Wussys!”  They can actually build the business just as good as anyone else.  They didn’t want special treatment being the owners.  They are on the same playing field as everyone else in the company.  So the simple answer to how they make money from this is?  They earn 100% commissions just like you an I!  Simple straight forward and to the point!

You can tap into his skills just for being a part of the Empower Network as well… Just blog daily, share it with others, and get paid!

Benefits of Our Empower Network Team – Prosperity Team

Here are some of our Prosperity Team only bonuses:

  • Daily Monday-Friday Webinar Mastermind & Daily Action Assignments
  • Free iPas Marketing System that does the selling for you!
  • Team Training Site with Step by Step Training!
  • Team Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Monday-Friday “Think & Grow Rich” Mastermind Call

We also have a team community that is growing rapidly each day.  Here is a screen shot of our training site you get access to once you join our team in Empower Network:

Empower Network   Dont Join Empower Network Just Yet...

We are committed to your success and invite you to team up with us in the Empower Network!

Work With Us

People look to either Bren and myself to help them with how to start up an online network marketing business. Not only do we share our expertise in online marketing, but we also help find the power within yourself.

Contact us to help you start your path towards financial freedom. You can follow us by registering in the upper right hand side of our webpage. Not only will you get a free audio about 20 sources to get leads for your business, but we also give regular tips ideas, and motivation to help you find inspiration to start and continually grow your business.

You can learn some more by clicking on the button below.

Empower Network - Mike Marko

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Empower Network - Mike Marko

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Article: Empower Network – Don’t Join Empower Network iPAS2 Just Yet